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Our Conveyancing Services and Process

If you’ve never been involved with, say, buying a home, you may not know the definition of the word “conveyancing”. Basically, it refers to the process of transferring the legal title of a property from one person to another. The Queensland Government webpage on property ownership laws sums it up as, “All steps necessary to ensure that the registration of the land is in the name of the buyer at the government’s land title office.”

Experts do not recommend members of the general public undertake the process without at least some assistance from a conveyancing lawyer. If you’re after a conveyancing lawyer in Brisbane then you should seriously consider Dr Craig Jensen’s conveyancing services. We can help you with every legal requirement related to this aspect of property buying (or selling), whether it be residential or commercial.

Our Conveyancing Services Helping You Every Step of the Way

A lawyer from Dr Craig Jensen will assist you with each of the following:

  • Contract: Our lawyer will explain each of the terms involved.
  • Settlement: They will also arrange the settlement with the bank.
  • Transfer duty: Our representative will let you know the transfer duty (state government tax) and whether there are any concessions available. They will stamp the contract and pay the duty.
  • Searches: Your property lawyer will conduct the appropriate searches to not only verify that the property is currently owned by the seller but further that there are no other potential issues with the land, e.g. easements, contamination in the area, proposed reclamation.
  • Witnessing: Our lawyer will witness the signatures on the transfer.
  • Additional calculations: They will also work out any adjustments that must be made to the purchase price before settling.

More Reasons to Always Use a Lawyer for Conveyancing Services

When you employ a lawyer in Brisbane or anywhere else for conveyancing services, there are more benefits than the fact they will take care of the various legal obligations (previous point). On top of that, you can expect:

  • Maximum security: Put simply, no-one knows more about conveyancing than a lawyer who has worked in the field for years. By using one, you guarantee that everything will be fully explained to you, the work will be done correctly and efficiently, and there will be zero problems due to their deep knowledge and extensive checks into the property/those involved.
  • Minimum stress: People engaged in buying (or selling) property have enough to worry about without needing to carry out steps in the complex and time-consuming duty of conveyancing as well. Leaving this process entirely to a professional will save you a lot of extra stress at this particularly busy time.

Need Conveyancing Services in Brisbane?

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers. Conveyancing is one of our areas of specialisation, in which we offer the highest-quality legal assistance and advice, backed by decades of experience. We are based in the suburb of Parkinson in the south of Brisbane. You can email, phone (07) 3711 6722 or fax (07) 3711 6733. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry via the form or visit our convenient location at 485 Algester Road, Parkinson.

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