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Tips For Your First Meeting With A Lawyer

Like most important things done for the first time, initial consultation with a lawyer may seem an intimidating prospect. It really shouldn’t be, though, as their job is to advise and assist with your legal issue in every way possible. Perhaps it’s the fact we regularly see lawyers delivering devastating courtroom arguments in movies/TV shows that can make them seem scary to the unfamiliar. Just remember that the person will be on your side!

Once you’ve accepted that fact, there are some other basic things you can do to prepare for meeting with a lawyer for the first time.

Do Your Research and Find the Right Firm Before Meeting with a Lawyer

Let’s say you need help with a complicated will. Researching “wills and estates lawyers in Brisbane” will identify firms such as Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers who specialise in legal matters of this type. Why would you trust your case to someone who could well have less experience and a less detailed/up-to-date knowledge of this area?

Bring the Necessary Documents

This doesn’t mean turning up with boxes and boxes of paperwork going back years. Have a think about what the lawyer might reasonably want to examine during the first meeting, as part of establishing the facts of your particular situation. Going back to our example in the previous point (where you were seeking wills and estates experts), this would obviously include anything related to the will.

Also, Bring a List of Questions

Continuing the example of the complex will, wills and estates specialists like Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers are happy to provide you with as much information as you want on every legal obligation, option, etc. So, rather than walking out of the consultation and suddenly remembering something you really wanted to ask, do a bit of brainstorming in the days beforehand and bring a list of questions with you.

Know Your End Goal(s)

This may sound obvious but securing the aid of the finest wills and estates experts available is “only half the battle”, as they say. You must have an idea of the outcome(s) you are hoping to achieve from the legal process. What result would be your best-case scenario? Your worst-case scenario? (Contemplating that second one can be surprisingly useful.) Is there a compromise you’d still deem acceptable?

Take Plenty of Notes

Again, let’s say you are meeting with a lawyer from a firm of wills and estates specialists about a tricky will. A lot of their explanations will likely be new material to you, and you might not be able to absorb it all during the first session fully. For this reason, it’s always worth taking plenty of notes. Not only will you have them to refer to later, but there is also evidence that the very act of note-taking aids comprehension.

Looking for Wills and Estates Lawyers in Brisbane?

Contact Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers! The same goes for if you’re after family and conveyancing lawyers. We are specialists in all three of these areas. Based in the Brisbane suburb of Parkinson, we offer expert legal advice and assistance, backed by decades of real experience. Email us at, phone (07) 3711 6722 or fax (07) 3711 6733. Alternatively, submit an enquiry or visit our convenient location at 485 Algester Road, Parkinson.

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