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Finding the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

Is there a conveyancing solicitor near me? If you’re in the Brisbane area, then the answer to that question is simple: yes, there is – Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers is ready to provide you with any advice or assistance you require in this area. But, generally speaking, what should you look for when seeking conveyancing legal advice from conveyancing solicitors? This blog article will outline the qualities that go together to make a good conveyancing law firm, all of which we believe we possess.

A Conveyancing Solicitor Must Have Expertise and Experience

First and foremost, you will want to employ the services of a law firm that actually specialises in conveyancing. Along with this expert knowledge, they should ideally have spent many years helping other clients in this area (as we at Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers have done), meaning that they will be very familiar with how to make the conveyancing solicitor process as easy as possible for you AND be well aware of how to avoid any potential problems along the way.

A Conveyancing Solicitor with Great Communication

Perhaps the question at the beginning of our introduction should be expanded to, “Is there a conveyancing lawyer near me…who is contactable whenever I require them?” Because as well as being easy to reach (our various contact details are at the end of this article). We believe that a good conveyancer solicitor should not only be easy to reach but also be willing and able to answer every query you have, making the conveyancing process – especially trickier elements such as the relevant property searches – as clear as possible as they guide you through it step by step.

Familiarity with the Place

You definitely want a conveyancing solicitor law firm that understands first-hand the region in which you are purchasing a property. In the previous point, we mentioned the searches that must be conducted and the sort of “local knowledge” we’re talking about really supplements those, ensuring nothing important is missed. On a personal level, familiarity with the place is also desirable for the reason that the lawyer(s) will be able to directly relate to your move to/within the region.

Well-Established, Trusted Firm

When seeking any type of legal help, look for a law firm that is well established, has been shown to get results, and has earned an excellent reputation from past clients. Such trusted legal experts will have proven systems in place to ensure your experience with conveyancing is as stress-free and carried out as efficiently as possible. They are interested not in turning a “quick buck” but in providing top-quality service, so they will be your first choice for any future legal situations.

When You’re After a Brisbane Conveyancer Legal Advice

There’s no need to ask, “Is there a conveyancing lawyer near me?” Simply contact Dr Craig Jensen Lawyers. We are specialists in this area (as well as family law, and wills and estates). Based in the Brisbane suburb of Parkinson, we offer expert know-how from decades of successfully handling such cases. Email us at, phone (07) 3711 6722 or fax (07) 3711 6733. We are conveniently located at 485 Algester Road, Parkinson

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